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Scott Baetz



Scott's the boss, he runs the show

Jay Pelletier

Jay Pelletier

Chief Technical Officer

Jay makes it work, you need it he's got it

Henry Floyd

Henry Floyd

Lead Designer

Henry makes things look good

Bobby Corso

Robert Corso

Chief Operating Officer

Bobby keeps us organized

Kari Rosado

Kari Rosado

Client Services Director

Kari keeps your questions answered

Emile Hamwey

Emile Hamwey


Emile designs, tests and develops

Adam Frank

Adam Frank


Adam creates, analyzes and brings it to life

Gabe Olsen



Gabe designs your experience

What do we offer?

Sports Registration
Tech Support
Business Support

Why are we successful?

Candidly, we would like to believe that our team has a uniquely strong ability to convert "needs" into "online solutions". Because of this ability our clients benefit from a faster to draft and production environment and the reduced overall cost of the job.

Is it Karma?

In addition to our quality work, our team works hard at giving back. Without question we are excited about each of our client's goals and objectives. When it comes to our public and youth athletic clients - we give back a significant amount of donated time. Why? Because we learned a long time ago, the right solution… is the best solution.

We want to talk to you!

If you are thinking about making changes to your existing site, enhancements, or the use of Open Source as a commercial product, contact us.