Hudson School District

Project Type: 
Rich Internet Application

AdminInternet has been working with the Hudson School District since we first created their web presence back in 2002. Not just satisfied with a brochure site , we have collaborated with the district to create one of the leading family of websites in the state of New Hampshire. In fact, Hudson was the first school district in the state (and possibly the nation!) to offer online registration for their students. In addition to our industry-leading student registration process, we have also created an online integration of the budget documents that the district provides to the public, making it easier for users to find the information they may be looking for. The third major aspect of the rich internet application we've created for Hudson is an online replacement of the Professional Development system that has been in use by teachers, staff and administrators. Members of the district are now able to log into their own Intranet site and easily complete (or administrate) their Professional Development process.Most recently, our talented designer created a new design that adheres more closely to the burgeoning standards for school district websites, where the site is divided into certain sections for the different types of visitors to the site (along with the corresponding color schemes for each section).