Get To Know Us

Scott Baetz

As founder of AdminInternet (and a business owner who likes to have fun), Scott's passion for information technology began nearly 20 years ago as a U.S. Marine after stumbling upon a defunct computer hidden away in a barracks closet. After repairing the PC on his own, his aptitude for IT soon inclined toward programming. He coded his own intelligent software programs which were soon adopted by the USMC, eventually saving the military an estimated three million dollars.

Now, two decades later, Scott has complimented his self-education with two degrees in Computer Science and Organizational Behavior Management, from Brown University. His understanding of business and the inherit need for IT makes AdminInternet well equipped to provide your enterprise with a strong Web presence and to meet your computer and networking demands.


Jason Pelletier

Some say he subsists on energy drinks and Pop Tarts alone, and that he once coded for 72 hours without eating.

Some say he was asked to leave Nashua Tech for helping the teachers on tests, and that he can learn a new programming language just by sleeping with the book under his pillow.

Some say he signs his name in binary, and that his ultrasound photos shows him holding a graphing calculator.

Some say he only listens to music made by computers, and that major anti-virus companies have him on speed dial.

Some say he's allergic to sunshine, infinite loops and timesheets. All we know is that he's called the Bod er, Jason.

Who Are We?

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AdminInternet was founded by Scott Baetz, as a single man operation providing web development and networking support in Southern New Hampshire. Over the years and as a result of successful client engagements, AdminInternet has grown into a full service organization.

Our clients range from small businesses, educational institutions, and independent organizations to multi-million dollar online e-commerce businesses.

Why are we successful?

Candidly, we would like to believe that our team has a uniquely strong ability to convert "needs" into "online solutions".  Because of this ability our clients benefit from a faster to draft and production environment and the reduced overall cost of the job.

Is it Karma?

In addition to our quality work, our team works hard at giving back.  Without question we are excited about each of our client's goals and objectives.  When it comes to our public and youth athletic clients - we give back a significant amount of donated time.  Why?  Because we learned a long time ago, the right solution… is the best solution.

We want to talk to you…

If you are thinking about making changes to your existing site, enhancements, or the use of Open Source as a commercial product, contact us.