Boston Area Youth Soccer

Boston Area Youth Soccer
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The Boston Area Youth Soccer organization (or BAYS) is not only our longest-running client (having been a partner of ours since 2002), but is also our most elaborate website. The BAYS site is the centralized hub of the oldest and second-largest youth soccer league in the United States, which means their website has to be able to handle a lot of traffic. We average 100,000+ hits per season while managing over 7,000 games between 1,250+ teams. The website provides scheduling abilities, as well as standings and statistics for every team in a multitude of divisions. We have built the capabilities to handle mid-season team swaps between divisions, and we also handle the referee scheduling & payroll!  Some of our more recent upgrades to the site include a fresh redesign and the smoother handling of the MTOC and President's Cup playoff systems.