great opportunity to make a game

So the last few days that ive been learining with scott at admininternet I have worked on making some simple HTML codes on the computer and have been trying to understand PHP, but recently a new person named James came to work with scott and he has been working on trying to make a game app for the apple store. So today scott told me to try to work with him as a team to make this game before the summer ends. I am gonna be working on the desing and creative part of the project while james works on the computer codes. I am really excited for this first project that im doing and hope it turns into somthing really great!

First Day Learning with Scott!

vladSo today was my first day coming and learning from Scott and his computer buddies. I came in a little nervous (and to be honest still am) but i did something today I never did before, I made a computer. Scott left out all the computer parts on the table and pretty much told me to make it. I was like..ok, I had no idea really on what to do first. so I saw the biggest thing on the table and that was the power supply. I looked for places to put it, but none really made sense, so I asked Tim and he found a place. I felt kinda dumb because it seemed so easy. After that it started to click for me. I was putting most of the parts in the right place.

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