Scott Introduces the President

For those of you that may not know, for the past year or so I have sat on Governor Lynch's committee for health care cost containment as the small business representative. From this role I have had the unique opportunity to speak publicly about the rising health care costs, not only as a nation, but specifically its effects on small businesses. As a result of my public appearences and TV interviews, representatives from the politcal world have contacted me to discuss my views on the issue and the direct effects on an individual working to succeed despite the hardships incurred from ever increasing costs to a small business owner such as myself.

Town of Windham - Network Assessment

In late 2011 AdminInternet offered to provide a Network Assessment to our home town, Windham NH.  After over 40 hours of interviewing senior staff, inspecting equipment, server facilities, reviewing applications and performing comparative organizational research - this project reach a point of presentation.  As the chief architect of the document and assessment, I'm eager to discuss with the Board of Selectmen, existing staff and my fellow citizen's my findings and go forward action plans.  

I've attached the document here for review, and welcome comments and feedback.


Scott Baetz


Hair Solutions & AdminInternet

Clients and Friends

There are many of you who are already aware, but for a few, distance and time have not yet afforded you the opportunity to hear the unfortunate recent events that have temporarily impacted us here at AdminInternet. On Friday March 23 my wife Jane's hair salon of nearly 20 years was the focus of a two-alarm fire. Firefighters from five neighboring towns worked together to contain what ultimately resulted in complete destruction and loss of the salon.

Salon InteriorWe are thankful that no life was lost, and we appreciate the outpouring of support from our friends, clients and the local community. Jane and Carrie are working quickly to location and establish themselves in a temporary location to accomodate clients. A twenty year salon doesn't fall to a fire, this is a simply an unfortunate transistion.

Pi, Fibonacci and Golden Ratio Meet IE 31

Depending upon your level of mathematical education, you should be familiar with such numbers as Pi, the Golden Ratio or expressions such as Fibonacci. Today, thanks to Internet Explorer, I would like to introduce you to another prime number with huge significance - IE 31. Pronounced (Ayee-Thirty-One).

Simple MAC OSX Mysql Log File Clean Up

If you use MySql as the primary database for your web sites, then I'm certain you've had to deal with the MySql Log files.  There are so many things I LOVE about the MAC OS X server, but documentation for anything that you've configured out of standard good luck.  That's where my MySql Log file issue stands.  I couldn't seem to find any documentation to stop the MySql server via the shell.  So, because it's soooo simple, for as long as I can remember, I've had a monthly human duty:

  • log onto the server
  • stop MySql
  • copy the log file
  • create a new log file
  • change permissions to mysql:mysql for the new log file
  • restart MySql

the whole process requires about five minutes.  But, if I forget to do this, I risk shutting down the server, as disk space may suddenly be soaked up by log files. Today I stumbled upon the "RIDICULOUSLY" easy solution.. 

Here are the step by step instructions:

Drupal Camp NH 2011 - Snowtober

While many citizens of the North were preparing for Halloween this past weekend, and a surprize visit by old man Winter in the form of Snowtober, a sizeable number of professionals found themselves huddle on the Southern New Hampshire University campus seeking knowledge and Drupal inspiration at Drupal Camp NH.  Here is a quick retelling of our (Andy Brown and Scott Baetz) experience and how we believe it will help our clients going forward.

Drupal Camp NH

Today we will be attending our first Drupal Camp.  Let me just say, I'm not quite sure what to expect.  Some combination of super informative and socially unique is what my mind is telling me.  Our hope is to gather some great new knowledge and potentially establish new contacts to share resources and opportunities.

Updating the Server Farm

We are excited to share with you that AdminInternet has purchased two additional servers to join our server farm.  We will be migrating all of our clients email services to one of the two servers.  As a client you should expect a richer set of email services with this new platform.  We are also load balancing the demand on the server farm - to insure smooth end user experiences. 

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