Scott Introduces the President

For those of you that may not know, for the past year or so I have sat on Governor Lynch's committee for health care cost containment as the small business representative. From this role I have had the unique opportunity to speak publicly about the rising health care costs, not only as a nation, but specifically its effects on small businesses. As a result of my public appearences and TV interviews, representatives from the politcal world have contacted me to discuss my views on the issue and the direct effects on an individual working to succeed despite the hardships incurred from ever increasing costs to a small business owner such as myself.

You can imagine my excitement then when members of the Obama campaign contacted me to speak on this very issue at the President's speech today in Durham. However, not only did I have a few moments to discuss this matter, but I also had the distinct pleasure to introduce and welcome onto stage Mr. Obama himself. Personal political views aside, I think we could all agree that having the opportunity to discuss a very real issue on a national scale as a precursor to the leader of the free world's speech is quite the honor. Not one to be taken lightly. I am extremely honored and proud to have had the opportunity that was provided to me today.