From the Ground Up

   Over the past week, a lot has been accomplished. I made a huge dent in the coding of my game Cities of War, a game of city-building and conquest. The gameplay of Cities of War has been documented. Tim and Vlad have been helping me with design and thematic aspects of the game and giving me tons of ideas to incorporate into the final product. Vlad is now working on some of the first sprites to be included in the game.

    Even though I already had a prior version of the game built for a programming class, it lacked many elements that are now part of the backbone of the gameplay (so I really had to start over). Currently, the tile map is back up and running, the display responds to "touch" events, a few buttons are on the display and are clickable, the map is clickable, and the Artificial Intelligence is on the way.

    Vlad, my fellow intern, has helped me with the design of the game that goes beyond the crux of the coding. We discussed together how to make the levels of the game distinct, including making "super-levels" with 3 to 5 sub-levels within each. Each super-level (for now, anyway) will be one continent on the map, and sub-levels are individual campaigns for conquest. He is now working on the European Dark Ages themed sprites for the first super-level.

    Tim, the graphic designer, has helped me keep my ideas realistic. He gave me suggestions about how to design the game so that the user is not frustrated. This includes the appearance and ability to scroll so that the user can navigate the map on my game and use my game in a manner that would feel natural.

    I am excited about where this game could go, and I hope to get it done as soon as possible so that I can start working on putting Admin websites onto the iPhone/iPad/etc. Make sure to stay tuned for when those websites begin to appear in the App Store.