First Day Learning with Scott!

vladSo today was my first day coming and learning from Scott and his computer buddies. I came in a little nervous (and to be honest still am) but i did something today I never did before, I made a computer. Scott left out all the computer parts on the table and pretty much told me to make it. I was like..ok, I had no idea really on what to do first. so I saw the biggest thing on the table and that was the power supply. I looked for places to put it, but none really made sense, so I asked Tim and he found a place. I felt kinda dumb because it seemed so easy. After that it started to click for me. I was putting most of the parts in the right place.

Probably the biggest struggle was working with the motherboard and connecting the wires in the right place. i accidentally screwed in the motherboard without realizing there was still a wire under it, so I had to unscrew it to get the wire out, but it didn't take too long. After I finished building the computer Tim connected the monitor to the computer I built and it worked. I found it really fun and a cool learing experience. When we booted up the computer we first had problems with the internet working, but it didnt take too long to get it fixed. We then deleted a lot of the stuff and installed some new programs like some web browsers, note pad ++, launchy ( which was my favorite), drop box and lots of other different programs. I later went and ate some luch and checked out the rest of the house. I also got a new email address for the company, and Scott told me to write a blog about my first day (which is what this). So looking back on was a pretty cool and interesting first day!


Great job Vlad... More to come, this was just the beginning.

Good work dude made me laugh I know you'll be a computer wizard soon enough