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Clients and Friends

There are many of you who are already aware, but for a few, distance and time have not yet afforded you the opportunity to hear the unfortunate recent events that have temporarily impacted us here at AdminInternet. On Friday March 23 my wife Jane's hair salon of nearly 20 years was the focus of a two-alarm fire. Firefighters from five neighboring towns worked together to contain what ultimately resulted in complete destruction and loss of the salon.

Salon InteriorWe are thankful that no life was lost, and we appreciate the outpouring of support from our friends, clients and the local community. Jane and Carrie are working quickly to location and establish themselves in a temporary location to accomodate clients. A twenty year salon doesn't fall to a fire, this is a simply an unfortunate transistion.

Pi, Fibonacci and Golden Ratio Meet IE 31

Depending upon your level of mathematical education, you should be familiar with such numbers as Pi, the Golden Ratio or expressions such as Fibonacci. Today, thanks to Internet Explorer, I would like to introduce you to another prime number with huge significance - IE 31. Pronounced (Ayee-Thirty-One).