Drupal Camp NH

Today we will be attending our first Drupal Camp.  Let me just say, I'm not quite sure what to expect.  Some combination of super informative and socially unique is what my mind is telling me.  Our hope is to gather some great new knowledge and potentially establish new contacts to share resources and opportunities.

Updating the Server Farm

We are excited to share with you that AdminInternet has purchased two additional servers to join our server farm.  We will be migrating all of our clients email services to one of the two servers.  As a client you should expect a richer set of email services with this new platform.  We are also load balancing the demand on the server farm - to insure smooth end user experiences. 

Can You Believe It?


Welcome one and all to the new home of AdminInternet!

Drupal LogoIt has been a long road to get ourselves to this point but alas, we are here. It is our hope with this new format to our own site that we will become a more active member of the web community at large.

As Drupal developers (primarily) it is not uncommon for us, like so many others, to find ourselves at a bit of a dead end with contributed modules/themes that, from a birds-eye view, seemed so promising but later proved to just not be quite what we are looking for. We expect this place (our blog) to be, yet another, resource for all of you out there to help bridge some of the gaps that exist in the world of Drupal, as great as it may be.